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System Care Antivirus verwijderen [oplossing]

AVASoft Antivirus Professional verwijderen

System Care Antivirus is een nieuwe “rogueware” variant uit de WinWebSec familie, deze rogueware is bekend onder een hele hoop andere namen zoals. System Progressive Protection, Live Security Platinum, Smart Fortress 2012, Smart Protection 2012, Personal Shield Pro, Disk Antivirus Professional en AVASoft Antivirus Professional. Deze roguwarevariant “System Care Antivirus” ook wel een (nep-virusscanner) genoemd komt vaak samen met de rootkit ZeroAccess op het systeem. Deze “rootkit” is erg moeilijk te… Read More »

System Care Antivirus [removal guide]

System Care Antivirus removal

System Care Antivirus from the WinWebSec family is malware related and categorized as rogue software or Scareware, that attempts to appear as legitimate Antivirus software, but in reality System Care Antivirus is not beneficial software. System Care Antivirus uses social engineering to cause shock, anxiety, or the perception of a threat by fraudulently scanning the computer system and displaying fake system issue results, including fake results that indicate the computer is infected… Read More »